Bespoke wheeled
energy solutions

The Energy Exchange of Southern Africa (EXSA) is a market-leading supplier of grid-connected renewable energy to South African corporates, industrials and SMEs. Our NERSA trading licence allows us to deliver renewable energy and its associated green credits to our customers under bespoke and flexible contracting terms. Our solution not only helps our customers meet their NetZero ambitions, but does so at a lower price than the energy currently being delivered from fossil fuels.

We simplify and facilitate the delivery of renewable energy –
making our customers’ green energy procurement experience seamless, sustainable and cost-effective. We offer our customers a predictable electricity price path, compared to unpredictable (and often large) utility electricity cost increases currently being experienced under the current system.


Electricity is delivered through wheeling from a generator to an end-user located in another area using an existing transmission or distribution networks. This may also be across multiple different distribution networks, such as through Eskom to a municipality. Renewable energy is generated at the most efficient locations across the country to customers through the Eskom national grid. While this approach does not solve the shorter-term problem of localised load shedding directly, it is part of the solution to eliminate load shedding by increasing the generation capacity connected to the national grid.

Why does EXSA exist?

Many corporates are unable to purchase renewable energy directly from generators, which typically require long-term onerous contracting structures at minimum quantities. EXSA solves this problem by buying renewable energy in bulk under long-term contracts with generators and reselling that energy under bespoke arrangements that best suit each customer’s consumption profile. Generators welcome EXSA as it allows them to focus on operating their generation assets while dealing with a limited number of offtakers.

EXSA aggregates, and blends renewable energy from various sources which allows our customers to receive a less risky, more tailored energy profile than if they contracted directly with a single generator.

In partnership with our shareholders, Remgro and Rand Merchant Bank, we are committed to assisting South Africa on its transition journey to a greater penetration of renewable energy, and a more competitive and efficient market.
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