Energy that


The Energy Exchange of Southern Africa

facilitates the transfer of energy between

those who produce it and those who

consume it.

Generators of energy now have a single market for their surplus capacity. And because it’s so much easier to sell it, they can convert surplus capacity into revenue.


Consumers of energy can now have more control over their energy costs, more certainty around future pricing and are able to better defend themselves against interruptions. As the market develops we will aggregate supply and therefore be able to match exact demand profiles.


Licensed generators of energy feed their surplus electricity into the national grid, and the requisite energy is drawn by the customer.


When energy is purchased from the Energy Exchange, the amount of electricity generated and the amount of electricity being consumed is measured in real time.


Customers are then charged for the energy they consume at the agreed rate.


Customers may choose to purchase all their energy requirements through us, or only a portion thereof. The remainder can be supplied through other sources, like the traditional Eskom or municipal supply, or from embedded solutions, etc.


Because we measure the transfer of electricity in real time from both the supplier and the consumer, the ‘switching’ from one generator to the next is catered for in the reconciliation process. We therefor always have an accurate account of how much energy has been consumed and from whom.

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