Become more
environmentally friendly
The Energy Exchange acts as a market place where independent generators can sell their surplus energy to the industrial and commercial entities who need it.

We act as an aggregator of electricity across a technology-diverse range of generators that allows us,  via our profile engineering tools, to craft a supply profile that closely resembles your load. This is enhanced through our demand response technology to optimise your production loads to create efficiency and cost saving.


We buy and sell green electricity, creating an independent and available supply with a more certain price.

Voltage Optimisation

We offer voltage optimisation solutions, which technology allows clients to reduce their electricity usage by creating efficiency in how voltage is drawn, thus reducing costs for the client.

The application of this sort of technology is best suited to consumers who have a varying demand for electricity due to machines turning on and/or off regularly. The effect of the ‘on/off’ behaviour results in voltage fluctuations (illustrated in the lower graph alongside). The voltage optimisation technology regulates and smooths the voltage curve and thereby avoids the ‘spikes’ and consequently reduces the electricity consumed (as illustrated in the top graph alongside).

Download Voltage Optimisation Brochure
Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates (TRECs)

Electricity can be purchased either with or without TRECs. If you have an adequate supply of electricity and wish to be more environmentally friendly, we can supply the TRECs that convert your brown electricity into ‘green’ power.

Smart and Mini-Grids

We offer mini-grid technology solutions to private distribution system such as a cluster of mini-factories, or housing estates. Our utilities solutions help network owners digitize and operate their electricity, water, and gas networks better and faster – presenting the demand and supply to the system operator as a single balanced entity.  In the instance, where both embedded and wheeled supply of electricity is combined with smart technology and a grid management system, one can exactly match the demand to the supply within the mini grid.  We follow a business led technology approach, the underlying pillar is that the business requirements are at centre of design, build, test and integration.

This type of technology places greater control with customers as to how they use and purchase utilities.  Customers who are connected to the mini grid have security of supply and certainty of price.


We are also able to supply your gas requirements.